You are not Forgotten

I remember as if it was yesterday.

The ache in my heart and longing to become a mother.

The brokeness as each month would pass.

The Miscarriage.

The negative pregnancy tests that would sit on the counter as I wept on the bathroom floor.

I remember feeling forgotten and Unworthy.

Month after Month my womb was still empty and the struggle with infertility was still present and very real.

So Today I want YOU to know, that YOU are not forgotten. I see you on this Mothers Day  and in the days ahead. I want you to know that I am praying for you. I know the ache you have. I have walked your journey and I weep with you; but even as you weep I declare to you to rise up and continue to fight this battle. You are a daughter of the most high King who is not moved by the world, for God is with you and goes before you. Do not fear because you are HIS!

You are strong. You are worthy. You have value. You are Brave. The Lords plans for you are Great. I am believing with you for your Promises and your miracle, as I get to celebrate my miracle Today, on this day.

My First Mothers Day.

“Motherhood is a million little moments that God weaves together with Grace, Redemption, Laughter, Tears and most of all love” – Lysa Terkeurst

Becoming a mother has been my greatest joy.

Motherhood has taught me so much. It has changed me for the better.

It is Exhausting.

Full of Adventure.

Rewarding and Humbling

It is full of tears and abundant Joy!

It is challenging and messy.

It is full of unconditional love.

It is giving.

and yet still unbelievably Beautiful!

As a Mother your First Ministry is your children, and I am thankful that God has given me the opportunity and blessing to raise a mighty arrow for his kingdom.

EverLee Grace is a daily reminder of the faithfulness of God.

To be able to celebrate Motherhood not just on Mothers Day but every day is my greatest accomplishment. I feel honored and privileged to have the title of Mom.

There are many things I have learned since becoming a mother. God gives you more strength than you knew you even had and yet he also pulls out the weaknesses in you to only make you stronger.

I understand motherhood in a different way and have a new perspective than before. I have learned that not everyone agrees with what you do or how you do it. However God has given each mother the grace, strength, discernment and ability to parent their children in the way only they can parent. I am thankful for the grace that God gives.

I am thankful for motherhood.


I am thankful for this journey.

The journey to motherhood has not come easy. It has come with much prayer and unwavering faith and daily finding Joy in the Journey! It was a “Suddenly” moment when we became pregnant and we are forever grateful for the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father and the depth of love he has for us.

Motherhood is a Beautiful Gift.

I am Thankful.





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