Raising Arrows

Do you ever stop and look back on how far God has brought you.

Do you ever stop and say “Only God”

Do you remind yourself that all that is behind you was simply in preparation for what is before you.

Do you  see the completion, and the fulfillment of promises over your life. It may not have happened in the way YOU saw fit, but it did happen in the way that GOD intended it to. I am thankful for a God of completion, for a God who is faithful to do what he said he would do in his timing. Sometimes it’s not quickly, rather it is suddenly.

My Story. My testimony is not one that came quickly, but suddenly!

Today as I find the words to fill these pages, my heart is simply Full.

This past weekend, My husband and I attended and served at The Wild Ones conference at our church. This is our second year serving, and what a great reward it is to serve under the ministry of RTTN. We are so blessed and thankful for the leadership that we sit under weekly. The past few days were simply…WOW.

This year looked different for Tyler and I. Different in such a good way.  So Let’s step back and rewind to the previous year at this exact same time…

Remember my story and my testimony didn’t come quickly but suddenly.

A year ago Tyler and I were at a truly difficult season in our marriage. We were desperately wanting a baby and had struggled for years to conceive. After multiple testings, two rounds of fertility treatment,  and a miscarriage we put a halt on all medical assistance. We surrendered our deepest hearts desire over to the Lord believing and declaring that his promises are yes and amen and we would see his fulfillment in our lives.

Not many knew of our story, infertility isn’t something you always want to discuss openly, however I found healing and grace in sharing our journey.

I am thankful I serve a mighty God, a God who saw fit to use those around us to speak into our life, some that knew us and some that barely knew our name. Last year Pastor Josh began to pray over me at Wild Ones, knowing our story. During worship we began to sing This Is How I fight My Battles. He began to speak life and said this is your song, this is how you fight. I began to worship and enter into deep warfare as I had done many times before. It was a daily part of who I was.

However this time felt different, I began to feel fire run through my body from the top to the bottom. A few of the ladies standing around me that didn’t know me and knew nothing of my story, began to speak life over me and life to my womb! They prayed for God to open my womb. “Only God”  I began to weep and speak in my holy language that was birthed deep within. I knew something happened that night in the spirit realm. I could barely get the words out of my mouth to tell Tyler what was said, as I began to share, he began to weep. So we did what we always do, together as husband and wife we prayed, we prayed over the word that was given and we sealed what was said and we let the devil know who was in charge.

We left that night still not knowing what the future held, but knowing that our God was Greater than what Man or Doctors had spoken over us. We left knowing we would continue to stand upon his promises and fight our battle to victory.

Upon leaving that conference and returning home , I felt an unction in my spirit that I needed to take a pregnancy test.. but at the same time was feeling the weight of what that meant, considering the many past negative pregnancy tests I had already received.

My emotions were already high coming off of an incredible conference. I’ll be honest, I had doubt and uncertainty. However It was my job no matter how difficult it seemed, to trust and continue to declare the battle was already Won and we were victorious!

You Ready… Only God…

I saw not ONE..but TWO lines…. I took a few more tests over the next few days. With tears flowing I could barely utter the words to my husband. ” I am Pregnant.”

The crazy part of the story and the amazing way God works is this. I was ALREADY pregnant at Wild Ones. God had already done it. My womb was already open. No Man. No Doctor but ONLY GOD!

The way the pieces of this journey have been put together, blows my mind. What a testimony of our long-awaited promise of a child. Gods ways are always higher than ours.

I love the image that God painted before me that night.  I worshipped and did warfare as if I was on the front line of battle, not even knowing the battle was already won. The worship and warfare continued through the journey and to this day still continues as we now daily pray over our daughter!

Daily we should enter into worship and warfare as if were on the front line of battle, not just for our families. Warfare for this generation. For this Nation.

Now a year later as we attended Wild Ones….  we had our little arrow. Our Blessing. Our Miracle. Our Promise. We came Full Circle.

Be still My Heart.


EverLee Grace Lamb: Born October 8th, 2018. Such a day of spiritual significance, as the number 8 represents New beginnings. What a wonderful way to walk into a new year of promises fulfilled.


The conference this year was nothing but an incredible and powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit. For me, it was so much more. It was a reminder of the Forever faithfulness of my heavenly father.

It was a reminder to stand guard, to always be prepared for battle, to always have the heart of a worshipper. Thankful for this generation and to be a part of  this outpouring. Thankful that I am a mom to many.

I am thankful for discernment. Thankful that even at the young age of 13  I encountered God and an outpouring of his presence like never before. Now as a 31-year-old, I see the bigger picture. What I experienced, how I was equipped and trained as a young girl was simply in preparation for what was before me.

This weekend as I stood in complete awe of Gods goodness, I thought about the anointing and destiny God has for EverLee Grace.

She may only be 4 months old, but she is destined for greatness. I believe she has an incredible calling upon her life, and even at her young age, I know she already senses the spirit. She is a daughter of the most high king. She will shake nations and move mountains. Her assignment is great. I am thankful for my mighty arrow.


Raising Arrows in the world today is not an easy task and I do not take it lightly. I am honored and blessed that God has chosen Tyler and I to be her parents. It is our job to raise her and equip her to be a warrior. For her to know her worth and her value to the kingdom. That she is and always will be a daughter of the most high, that she is loved and full of purpose and life.

She is more than a blessing. EverLee Grace you are a promise fulfilled, you are an answered prayer. You are our miracle. To know your story is to know the love of our Heavenly Father!

This is My story. My Testimony.



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