Awaiting The Promise

I was writing this post the night I was in the early stages of labor and never finished. So here is Part 1 of  Awaiting The Promise.

My mind has been flooded with emotions the last few weeks as we await the arrival of our daughter.

What a reminder she is of the Lord’s faithfulness in our lives and the fulfillment of his promise.

As I sit in her room tonight, I am thankful for the journey. I am thankful for the nights we spent in this room even before she was thought of, praying and interceding on her behalf  as well as the promise of the children that would fill our home.

This room has been saturated with prayers, warfare, and worship. It is covered in the Blood of Jesus and we are thankful that she will know not only how much she is loved by her family, but how much her Heavenly Father loves her.

Before we laid the hardwood flooring in her room we wrote scriptures into her floor so that the very foundation from the ground up has been covered and saturated in prayer.

For This Child we Have Prayed.

IMG_6810        IMG_7783

When Tyler and I were deciding on her name, we knew we wanted her name to be apart of her story.

The wait and the journey we have traveled for our daughter has been one of many mountains and valleys. It is also been one of growth, stretching and declaring the promises of God over our lives, our home and our future children’s lives daily.

Every moment of this journey was truly saturated in Praise and Warfare. One song that was continually on repeat was” Ever Be.”

That his Praise would Ever Be on our lips. The praise and warfare would never fade from our hearts despite the outcome, but rather the praise would increase. It did just that, it increased. We spent many days and nights praising God through the storms, the doubt, the brokenness and the victories. I am thankful for these moments, for it was in preparation of what was to come.

Not only did we worship our way to victory, and cry out to the Lord for the promise of a child, but God continually showed us that his Grace was new every morning. God’s Grace was evident in every are of our lives, even in the moments of doubt.

When we found out we were having a daughter, we wanted her name to be powerful, we want her to know how much she was prayed for. How her life is destined to be full of life and anointed. How God has big plans for her life and we can’t wait to watch it unfold.

For her to always know of the Lord’s faithfulness in not only her mom and dad’s life but in her life as well.

” Blessed is She who Believed that The Lord would Fulfill His promises to Her” Luke 1:45

EverLee Grace Lamb, You are our awaited Promise, and you were worth the wait.  This scripture hangs daily over your bed as a reminder, a reminder of the ForEVER Faithfulness of our father. You are loved. You are a daughter of the most high King and we can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you.

Part 2:

Now Let me now Introduce you to our beautiful daughter. Miss EverLee Grace Lamb


There is such spiritual significance to this date, as the number 8 represents New Beginnings. EverLee is our new beginnings.  A beginning of our greatest adventure.

After trying for 4 years for a baby, two rounds of fertility treatments and multiple tests, and a miscarriage a year ago.

The Lord “Suddenly” blessed us when we found out we were pregnant in February of this year. Not by fertility, not by anything but God. The Lord has been so faithful to us in every area of our life, but our daughter is not only our promise, but our miracle.

The Lords hands were upon my entire pregnancy from conception to birth. I could not of asked for a more smooth pregnancy as well as a safe and healthy delivery. Every detail was saturated with prayer and I am so thankful.

Tyler and I feel so blessed and privileged that the Lord has chosen us to be Parents to our daughter; EverLee Grace.

The days following her birth have been filled with much emotion. Emotions full of thankfulness, blessings and discovering the new normal together!

EverLee Grace you our are Greatest JOY and it is our Greatest Honor to be your Mommy and Daddy! We love you more than you can imagine!

To those that have struggled in waiting for your promise, whatever that promise may be. Hold on. He is the Way Maker, Miracle Worker and Promise Keeper.

Sometimes we question why we walk through valleys, but one thing I know to be true. God is Never late, but he is always right on time. He is a Forever Faithful father!

Trust. Pray. Wait.

Find Joy in the Journey and allow the Lord to use your story to testify of his great faithfulness.



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