He Who Promised is Faithful

To Tell my Story is to tell of His Faithfulness!

As this week approaches I am reminded of the journey we have walked through the past 4 years.

The journey of infertility.

This would have been the birth week of our first child.  There will always be moments in life you will never forget. Every moment tells a story and this is just part of mine and I am thankful.

Not necessarily moments of sadness, rather moments where you are reminded of the journeys you have traveled and the way in which the Lord has held you, rescued you, fought for you, and how you became an overcomer.

He has done exactly that for my husband and I.

There have been countless moments in my life where I have asked the Lord the hard questions. Where I didn’t understand why I was walking the journey I was on, or why the brokenness.

What I did understand, is that God wouldn’t give me more than he knew I could handle. What I knew in my heart is that I serve a faithful God that would never leave me nor forsake me, a God whose promises are Yes and Amen. A God who is and always will be Forever Faithful.

Despite the dark days that we have walked and the many tears we have shed. We have continued to daily trust the Lord and declare his promises over our life, our future and our future children. Daily we were holding steadfast to the word and believing and knowing our best days were not behind us but they were ahead of us. I can’t say that everyday was easy, because it wasn’t.

I am thankful for the hard days, because it was in those moments where I found healing, grace and hope. In those moments I learned to fight my battles harder to war a little louder and to remind the enemy that we had already won this battle and we were already victorious.

Sometimes in life we look at circumstances in the wrong way. At times we think because the Lord closed a door in our life, or because he allowed us to walk through brokenness and hardships that he didn’t answer our prayers, however he did. God knew that from ashes would arise beauty.  God knew that your story wasn’t finished and God knew that what was on the other side of the valley and the mountain was far greater than what we could even begin to understand. His timing is never late, but always right on time.


Today I sit here and write with tears streaming down my face another part to this story. My story that the Lord has allowed me to share. To tell our story is to truly tell of his faithfulness.

I must first give ALL Glory, Honor, and Praise because we are a testament of God’s unwavering faithfulness in our lives. He that PROMISED IS FAITHFUL!

For every word we have been given, every prayer that has been prayed over us and on our behalf, every dream, every tear that has been shed, and every battle that has been fought and won.

It is with my Greatest Joy that I announce that  Tyler and I are Expecting!

Baby Lamb will be Arriving on October 9, 2018!

We ask that you continue to pray with us and for us on this journey!

We love you all.

Tyler, Megan and Baby Lamb



10 thoughts on “He Who Promised is Faithful”

    1. Megan, I am so thrilled for you and Tyler!!My heart is overjoyed for you and my cup runeth over. As tears run down my face, words can’t express my happiness for you!! You both will be the best parents and walk in the footsteps with the Lord! May you both have joy, love, and peace in knowing that the Lord is with you every step! Congratulations!!

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