I will Not Be Shaken

Empty Room, Empty Walls, Full Heart.


“And with great anticipation we await the promise to come, everything that you have spoken will come to pass, let it be done.”

The other day my husband and I were cleaning out our spare bedroom, as I sat on the floor I began to weep. I began to Pray and storm heaven.

My mind began to be flooded with thoughts of “well I should be sitting here today 6 months pregnant” but instead I am reminded of the empty walls, empty room but yet full hearts.

This has been a year full of wonderful blessings, incredible memories as well as moments of sorrow and completely surrendering our deepest hearts desire of being parents. This has been a hard season.

A true season of incredible growth, trust, letting go and holding on to the promises of God.

My husband and I are thankful for how the Lord has used this brokenness in our lives to be turned into an abundance of his grace, faithfulness and a story that the Lord is writing from the ashes.

He’s allowing our journey to be used for his glory, to reflect his beauty, and to remind us that we can’t always see God’s purposes in every season but we can always have his peace, his presence and his promises. We have found some of the greatest joy in this journey as we have been reminded countless times of the Lords faithfulness.

As we leave this year 2017, I walk away from an Empty Room with Empty Walls but I have a Full Heart of the promises to come.

We will bombard heavens door and wait with great anticipation of all that the Lord has for my husband and I in this new season and this new year. We will declare, believe and hope that our room and hearts will be filled with children.

We don’t walk away from this year carrying it with us into the next but we say GOODBYE 2017, we have grown tremendously and our faith has been stretched.

From this growth we walk into 2018 with open hearts, open mind and knowing that the Best is yet to come! “Faithful is he who calls you, and he also will bring it to pass.”                1 Thessalonians 5:24

Happy New Year to You and Yours

Keep Finding Joy in The Journey

The Lambs


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