In the Waiting, You Strengthen My Heart



Several weeks ago during my morning devotional time, this devotion  tugged at my heart-strings and has been a steady reminder to always have Hope, even in the midst of the waiting.

“In your waiting place, cling to the hope that God will not leave our stories unfinished or unredeemed. They may not look how we expected but, as with Ruth and Naomi, our story is His story. We can wait with hope, and we can trust and obey with confidence. Thanks be to God.”

The waiting…

It can be difficult.

It can be overwhelming.


In the midst of the waiting,

you can feel the Lords reassuring Hope.

you can hold onto his promises.

you can believe that he will and always will be faithful.

you can rest and know that weeping may last for the night but Joy comes in the morning.

In my own waiting God has shown me his goodness. He has taught me to rest in him. He has given me a greater depth of faith and chosen me to walk this journey boldly.  He is still writing our story.

Even in the midst of what seems like some of the hardest days, I have found some of the greatest joy. Some of the best conversations with the Lord can be found in those moments of waiting when he is strengthening our hearts, for that I am grateful, I am grateful for the ways in which he speaks, even in the silence.

I have always been raised in a home where you pray it into existence, you speak it forth to the heavens and you declare his promises, you stand upon the word of God, never wavering but knowing that God is not a man who lies, but a man that holds steadfast to his promises. I am thankful for this truth. I am thankful that I have been equipped to pray and pray fervently. I am thankful for my war room!

One thing the Lord has reminded me, is that God is using my current circumstances to make me more useful for later roles in Gods unfolding story.

When I was about 12 years old, I told the Lord that I wanted him to send me to the nations and I wanted to share my story with thousands….

I am definitely sharing my story in so many different ways and through so many different avenues, it may not be in the way I had imagined but it is certainly in the way that God has planned for my life.

I believe with all my heart that one day Tyler and I will go to the nations, in what capacity, I do not know,  but I know that our story is truly just beginning and whatever lies ahead of us is far bigger than what are dreams and hopes can contain.

So we continue to increase our faith and strengthen our hope and know that our life and every moment of every day has been intricately designed by the hands of God and every detail is apart of something greater.

So as each day passes by, we thank the Lord for where we are, we look forward to all that is to come and we daily Find Joy in The Journey!


For when I wait you strengthen my heart.

Psalms 27:14







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