Finding Your War Room

Over the past several weeks, my husband and I have been talking about what our goals would be for this New Year.

Instead of setting goals, Tyler and I  are asking God what he wants from us this year. How can God use us? Where is he going to take us? What does he want to teach us in this New Year and How is he going to strengthen our faith?

More than anything we desire to strengthen our prayer life in 2016, by strengthen I don’t just mean pray more. We as a husband and wife desire to do spiritual warfare on our knees.

We are tired of being complacent, too surface level, unspecific and fleshly minded.

We want our prayers to be prayers infused with strength

for our family.

for our marriage.

for our hearts desire.

for our ministry.

We are taking ground in 2016.

It is time we find our War Rooms again, will you find yours?

We have the power and the weapons to demolish strongholds. I, for one, am tired of not taking what I have been equipped with to war, to pray, to fight and to see  victories come to pass.


“Father, rattle my doubts with belief. Tumble down my excuses as you ask me to step out in faith.”  Suzie Eller

Daily we have to step out in faith.

For some it is more diffcult than others. I will be honest. I have my days of weakness and moments where stepping out in my faith can be very challenging.

In my own personal moments of weakness, which lately seem to be more than less, I have found myself on my knees crying out to the Lord. I have found myself declaring the promises that he has given us, and leaning on what I know to be true, that we serve a faithful God that in all his power and might will never leave us or forsake us. Even at our weakest moments.

For it is in my weakest moments when I have found some of the greatest joy. Although the road to that Joy may not always be perfect, it has certaintly taught me valuable lessons that has prepared me for the journey God has chosen me to walk. It has equipped me to learn the value of what it means to pray without ceasing, to war and to fight the spiritual warefare in our lives on a daily basis.

I find no greater joy then when I praise my God with worship. There is something about the sweet presence of the Lord, that overflows from the very depths of my soul. For when I praise and when I magnify his name, it is as if heaven bust wide open and rains down in every area of my life.

For when we praise his name, the storm weakens, worry is gone, fear is shattered, pain is erased, demons flee at the mention of his name, faith is awakened and our hearts are restored.

I am thankful that we not only have the power of prayer, but we have the ability to war and fight as we enter into his presence with praise. Sometimes the Lord simply wants us to praise our way through the storm, for when we praise we enter into a realm where God relinquishes his anointing and breakthrough begins to take place.

Everyday is another day we get to walk in our calling on the journey that God has placed us on. I am thankful that together Tyler and I are daily walking this joureny grounded in a foundation that can not be broken.

One thing we have learned is wherever the Lord plants us, it is our job to bloom. “Bloom where we are planted” and be ALL there.  It is our job to be thankful for the journey and daily Find JOY in The Journey!

So this year, we are stepping out in BIGGER Faith and Believing God for great things.

We are taking our prayer life to new depths. We are Dreaming Big Dreams. We are Claiming his promises. We are trusting in his timing. We are walking in his truth. We are Stepping out in Faith and

We Are Finding our War Rooms.

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